What is CRM Gamification?

Austin Rolling

Dec 30, 2022

CRM gamification is the application of gaming mechanics, elements, and designs to CRM systems. Among other uses, it is a process that leverages game theory and behavioral psychology as the driver for increased CRM adoption and motivation for sales professionals to improve productivity. Moreover, CRM gamification can be used to encourage customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and improve employee morale. CRMs with gaming tech exist in many different forms, but usually offers similar value propositions.

Rewards and Incentives

One way that CRM gamification can be implemented is through the use of rewards and incentives. For example, employees who consistently achieve sales and other work related KPIs might be rewarded with points or badges that they can redeem for prizes or recognition. This type of gamification can help to create a sense of competition and encourage employees to work harder to achieve their goals.

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Leaderboards and Versus Matchups

CRM gamification can also be applied through the use of leaderboards and digital matchups among sales reps. As can be seen in the examples below, employees can compete against one another to see who can achieve the highest scores or who can close the most deals in a given period of time. This use of gaming mechanics can generate friendly competition among team members and motivate them towards peak performance. They also present opportunities to recognize sales reps for their output.


In addition to motivating employees, CRMs with gaming tech can also be used to inspire better customer engagement. For example, companies might offer incentives and rewards to sales people based on the number of touchpoints they have with customers, how they’re interacting with customers (in-person vs. over phone), along with volume of renewals they are able to acquire. With the proper optimization of this gamified use case, companies can expect an increase in appointments set, sales, and revenue.

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What is a Gaming CRM?

As mentioned in a previous blog post,

“A Gaming CRM is a type of sales enablement platform that leverages game theory and behavioral psychology to improve a user’s experience with traditional CRM capabilities. Not to be mistaken for a traditional CRM, these systems lead with game mechanics as the driver for user adoption, motivation, and productivity when using the CRM.”

The Rise of Gaming CRMs

With the emergence of Gaming CRMs, we will eventually start to see a shift in values within the sales and business environment. Through the digitization of gaming elements in sales, along with the growth of younger generations within the workforce, we are beginning to see how the future of game theory will incentivize sales reps to become more invested in their company’s sales performance. Additionally, sales reps will begin to care more about the proper utilization of CRM and the documentation of the their sales execution. Part of the reason has to do with the introduction of mechanics that are commonly used across all gaming platforms - player stats and the social attributes tied to their player profile. In short, a salesperson’s reputation will be on public display. Therefore, they have more of an incentive present a positive representation of themselves.

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This heightened personal investment in their CRM progress, through the rise of digital sales gamification, is great for sales leaders. Especially those who might be struggling with user adoption, but are hoping to get the most from their CRM – utility, data output, analytics, sales improvement, etc.

Overall, CRM gamification can be an effective way to improve CRM adoption, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction. By using game design elements and mechanics, companies can create a more engaged and motivating environment for both employees and customers.

Outfield is a performance based CRM company that specializes in leveraging game theory and behavioral psychology to drive CRM adoption, motivation, and overall productivity among sales organizations. With customers in over 50 countries, Outfield’s gaming CRM helps teams work simpler, smarter, and more effectively. Becoming the world’s most highly adopted CRM is their mission, and their vision is to accomplish this by creating a platform that is aligned with the values of the up and coming generation of sales people.

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