What Is A Gaming CRM?

Austin Rolling

Aug 29, 2022

A Gaming CRM is a type of sales enablement platform that leverages game theory and behavioral psychology to improve a user’s experience with traditional CRM capabilities. Not to be mistaken for a traditional CRM, these systems lead with game mechanics as the driver for user adoption, motivation, and productivity when using the CRM.

Some distinguishing features of a Gaming CRM are sales leaderboards, player cards with Madden/NBA 2k like user attributes and stats. You may also find player or team match ups similar to what you'll find in fantasy sports.

The emergence of Gaming CRMs will change various aspects of the business world. Sales reps will suddenly become more invested in their CRM performance, along with the social aspects linked to their player profile. This heightened personal investment in their CRM progress is great for sales leaders who might be struggling with user adoption, but are hoping to get the most from their CRM – utility, data output, analytics, sales Improvement, etc.

Closers App - Sales Gamification

These performance improvements are great for the overall company, and ultimately extends itself to industry in general. If done effectively, one of the byproducts of gamifying sales events is the resulting numbers that represent the outcomes of those events. Society refers to these numbers as statistics. As we know, stats are simply records of events. The operative word here is “records,” which indicate acts that are recorded into history. As we move more and more into the gamification of our society we’ll see more quantifying of persons, places, and things. 

Imagine how the output from gamification can be leveraged by artificial intelligence. Present day sports enthusiasts run game simulations on Madden to predict how the game may play out in real life. The same can done with the player profiles of sales reps, leading to forecasting of future events and sales performance.

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