Press Release: Outfield’s Journey To The Big Leagues

Austin Rolling

Sep 8, 2017

College Station, TX. - Sept. 4, 2017 – Outfield is a tech startup with the goal of pioneering the field sales and marketing space worldwide with its enterprise app. The Outfield Corporation formed from a partnership between Two Cents Venture Group and Nutrabolt, parent company of Cellucor, which is one of the world’s most widely recognized brands in nutraceuticals and fitness supplements. As the first client, Cellucor was able to leverage Outfield’s software platform to improve operations in its field marketing and sales force, helping the fitness company grow 310% over 3 years to $193.4M in 2014 revenue.

By working closely with Nutrabolt and other select first customers, Outfield was able to create a world class solution designed to transform an addressable market that exceeds 10 million customers. Due to this initial success, in June of 2017 the Outfield Corporation purchased Nutrabolt’s entire Outfield equity stake and is now set to direct its attention toward growth.

With the combination of improvements made internally and the Nutrabolt buyout, the company has strategically positioned itself to entice new talent. As of today, Outfield is expanding its marketing arm to include Data Analysts, Growth Hackers and others in order to generate brand awareness and scale.

About Outfield

Outfield is a web and mobile based CRM application designed specifically for the field sales and field marketing spaces. While focusing mainly on product dev in its early years, Outfield has recently begun expanding to customers across various continents and industries including healthcare, law, insurance, agriculture, consumer electronics & goods, along with many others. The company’s mission, through data driven solutions, is to boost revenue and drive efficiencies for client companies with field sales & marketing operations. Outfield is led by CEO Austin Rolling and CTO Adam Steele.

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