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Outfield Launches Social Media Community to Champion Sales Professionals

(Outfield’s new Closer’s Coffee serves as an information source for sales professionals)

(HOUSTON - December 19, 2019) - Outfield, a field sales app and mobile CRM solution provider, today announces the launch of the Closer’s Coffee, a social media community that champions sales professionals, hustlers and entrepreneurs around the world. The community is an information source for sales professionals through written content, video interviews and conversation, along with profiling top business developers.

Members of the Closer’s Coffee community can communicate with one another to share ideas about topics critical to improving skills and acquiring knowledge. In addition, members will be able to compete against others in a fantasy league type fashion based on their individual sales performance.

“The traditional way of motivating sales reps through compensation alone is no longer the most effective method,” said Austin Rolling, CEO and co-founder of Outfield. “We believe a community that allows you to compete with others in a mild way is the motivation people need to help push them forward, and Closer’s Coffee is the perfect environment for that competition.”

The content on Closer’s Coffee includes written and video content and features the site’s signature show “Closer’s Coffee”. Written content is provided by a pool of contributing authors comprised of more than 30 industry professionals. Content categories include:

  • Insights - advice from industry thought leaders for sales professionals
  • Field Pass - a new way of telling the sales story through sports
  • Mind Matters - content focused on issues related to mental health as a business professional.

The Closer’s Coffee show is hosted by Carlos Figarella, an industry thought leader currently serving as the Senior Enterprise Sales Manager at HTC Vive. Each episode features an interview with a business leader or sports professional to discuss the parallels between the sports and business worlds.

“Our goal with the show is to highlight the challenges and adversities faced while competing for success,” said host, Carlos Figarella. “We’re excited to provide sales professionals with a platform to learn and promote their personal brand.”

Currently, Closer’s Coffee has 6,000 newsletter subscribers, more than 19,000 Facebook followers and nearly 4,000 Twitter followers. If you want to be a guest on the show or contribute a thought leadership article, please visit


About Outfield:

Outfield is a web and mobile-based CRM. and field sales app offering apps for iPhone, Android and web. They specialize in data-driven revenue and efficiency solutions for organizations with an outside sales force. Founded in March 2015 in Bryan, Texas, the platform currently serves outside sales and marketing teams in more than 70 countries. Outfield is on a mission to make outside sales and marketing simpler, smarter and more productive.


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