Product Kits, New Discount Types, Expanded Last Activity Tracking, & More - Aug 2023 Feature Update

Adam Steele

Aug 7, 2023

Over the last few months, we have made a number of important enhancements to various aspects of Outfield's core CRM features. This run of improvements has mainly been driven by direct customer feedback, which we always try to balance with the more groundbreaking new functionality we've introduced over the years, such as discussed in our last features update. The next feature update post will include another big one that we've been working on for some time, but until then, here's a rundown of what's been launched lately.

Product Kits

We built product kits to allow you to easily combine your products into a kit and add it to orders as a single line item. Kits are obviously a standard practice in many businesses and we are pleased to be able to bring this functionality into Outfield's deal pipeline and order management work flows. Furthermore, inventory tracking works seamlessly with product kits so whether or not a SKU is in a kit, it will be tracked properly.  

Product Categories

We've also added product categories which sits at the parent level above products. We learned that many of our customers organize their product offerings within categories, so this serves as one more way to stay organized. Thus, you can now also search through your products by category as well.

New Discount Types & Permissions

We've added 3 new discount types:

  1. BOGO - you can easily create any combination of "buy X get Y" types of discounts, from the standard "buy one get one free" on up to "buy three get two 50% off"
  2. Quantity-based - this allows you to set a minimum quantity before the discount gets applied. For example, create a discount to get 10% off if you buy more than five or save $1 if you buy two or more. 
  3. Kit - now that we have product kits, you can create fixed or percentage discounts that can only be applied to your kits. This gives to the flexibility to either create a kit with a price that is "pre-discounted" or create a kit that is full price and is only discounted if you decide to apply the kit discount.

Along with these new discount types, we've added new permission options to discounts. Now you can create discounts that can only be applied to certain products, product variations, product kits or product categories. This gives you that degree of fine-tuning that some organizations need to execute their sales strategies.

Expanded Last Activity Tracking

Based on your feedback, we've expanded our last activity feature on accounts. Now in addition to knowing in general when the last activity was on an account, you can break it down by when the last touchpoint, check-in, meeting, phone call, text message, email, progressed deal, or any one of your custom forms was last completed. Furthermore, you can colorize your account map by any of these new values and we improved the colorization colors for better readability. 

Other Notable Highlights

  • We added new user level permissions for disallowing users to add one-off line items, one-off discounts, and changing product price on order line items.
  • We improved the UI on the Outfield mobile apps for adding discounts and taxes to orders. You can also now search and filter your discount and tax list in this case.
  • The accounts section on the Outfield mobile apps now defaults to colorizing by last activity, which saves many of our users a few taps every time they use the app.
  • You can now also sort the accounts list by last activity date on the Outfield mobile apps when colorizing by the various last activity type options. 
  • We've expanded our suite of direct/native integrations yet again. Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more.

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