Integrate Your Performance System With Any Business App - Apr 2023 Feature Update

Adam Steele

Apr 27, 2023

For the past couple of months, our team has been hard at work building in a subtle but extremely powerful new capability. Let's not bury the lead anymore. You can now integrate your performance system in Outfield with 5000+ business apps! Let's dive in.

Performance System Integrations

In the Outfield web app as an admin or league commissioner role, when you navigate to the Performance+ dropdown and click Settings, you will now see some new options. Each performance category now has a button to add a custom action. The hustle category already allowed you to add a custom action from your form fields and the diligence category already allowed you to add a custom action from your forms. But now each category allows you to add a custom action from an external source, such as Quickbooks for example (but this could be any business app). Here is what the screen looks like to add a custom action from an external source.

add custom performance system action 

As you can see in the screenshot, we are adding a custom performance system action so that every time an invoice is paid in Quickbooks, it will automatically create 3 hustle points per $1,000 for the team member who closed the deal. 

This example is of course one of nearly an infinite number of possibilities allowing you to now tailor your performance system to exactly the KPIs and other workflows that are valuable to your business throughout your entire tech stack, no matter what set of business apps you use! In other words, you can now bolt on Outfield's industry-leading performance and gamification system to anything! In case it wasn't apparent, we are pretty darn excited about this new capability :)

Team Activity Totals

In other news, we've also embedded the activity totals into the Team Activity timeline as shown below.


The Team Activity timeline now also defaults to this week. These changes were made to allow you to more easily follow your team's productivity this week at a glance.

Other Notable Highlights

  • We have optimized our CSV export system so you can now export much larger datasets 
  • We completed a series of performance upgrades behind the scenes and the Outfield web app is now more than twice as fast. Speed is a feature!
  • We've expanded our suite of direct/native integrations. Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more.
  • We've been doing some UI polishing on the Outfield Android app. Don't look directly at the light.

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