Get Reps to "Like" CRM

Austin Rolling

Aug 12, 2014

A love/hate relationship is one of the many features you will get when implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool).  It seems that there should be a warning label in the licensing agreement.

Everyone knows that management needs a CRM to keep their business organized.  It’s also well known that CRM’s can be a field reps nemesis.

Unnecessary forms, arduous data entry, limited mobile access, and time wasted are all sentiments shared by field representatives regarding CRM’s.  With a career in differing sales positions, I can personally vouch for these feelings toward CRM platforms.

Realizing a need to bridge the gap between the love / hate for CRM’s, we created Outfield.outfield-exampleOutfield is a mobile CRM for field reps that gives them the features they want most.  Such as:

  • Total Mobile Access to your CRM.  Access emails, accounts, notes, check-ins, contacts, and meeting info from the palm of your hand.
  • Ability to easily enter CRM info from the field on your phone.
  • Custom forms specific to your business.  Preventing time wasted on unnecessary data entry.
  • User friendly interface, that integrates with your CRM in real time.
  • Social interaction with contacts and HQ.

It is our endeavor to provide a mobile CRM that mutually benefits field reps and managers alike. What would it take to give your mobile CRM a thumbs up?

Let us know.


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