Fitting to Your Company's Needs

Prior to creating the initial beta versions of our app, most everyone here at Outfield had either used or tried a variety of CRMs in our previous companies. While developing our first build we all collectively agreed on one thing: Your company shouldn’t have to conform to a CRM, the CRM should conform to your company’s needs.

That's why one of the most important features that sets Outfield apart from other CRMs is the ability to create customized response and interaction forms for your field reps.


Recently, one of our customers, Cellucor, needed to know up-to-the-hour inventory levels at some store locations which sold their products. So Dave, a Cellucor Sales VP, logged into the web admin portion of Outfield, edited the checkin form to include a required field asking for inventory levels and pushed it live to every one of his road team guys instantly.

No app updates needed. No mass email to all reps needed. The next time his field rep checked in to a store the field was right there, requiring a response to complete.

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