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Austin Rolling

Dec 28, 2016

New Feature Updates:

Dear Outfield User:
Ahem!! We’ve been working hard for you and excited to inform you guys about some new capabilities that will help you be more effective in the field:

  1. Multiple Check-In Form Types is now available on web/iOS, which allows you to create different types of forms to be filled out by your reps as they make the various type of visits they are responsible for. Specify if it’s a general check-in, a demo day, training event, or an account management follow up and ensure that you’re assigning the appropriate questions. *Android version to be completed very soon.

2. Leaderboards are Now on iOS team activity. Compete with your teammates, be noticed as the leader of the pack, and then throw it in their face the next time you see them LOL!

  1. Add place & check in button gives you the ability to create an account and check-in at the same time. The additional time saved will allow you to move quicker to your next visits

Upcoming Features:
Route Automation/Optimization
Planning Calendars and alerts on Mobile
Multiple forms on Android
Advanced Analytics for Web
+Many More!

As, always if you have any requests for feature capabilities or questions about the application feel free to reach out to us.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter F. Drucker


Austin Rolling MBA ‘14
[email protected]

Field Sales|Field Marketing|Territory Management

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