5 Real Ways That Sales Gamification Can Improve Your Sales Production

Austin Rolling

Aug 30, 2022

Sales gamification is the process of applying game mechanics to normal everyday sales tasks. The intention behind sales gamification is to alter sales reps’ behavior in a way that maximizes their productivity. For example, offering a steak dinner as a reward to the sales rep with the most referrals for the month.

Why Would Anyone Want To Tie Sales Gamification To Their Sales Operations?

To be exact, sales gamification is not new. It’s been around for years in the form of daily sales competitions, leaderboards, and rewards to high producers.

Reason 1:

After interviewing 100 sales managers, Outfield uncovered that 89% of sales managers found that introducing game mechanics to their sales strategy positively impacted sales numbers and revenue.

Reason 2:

90% also stated that employee morale lifted as a result of employing game mechanics.

Reason 3:

It adds some fun to, what can be, a mundane sales day. Research shows that employees are more productive when they enjoy their work. In fact according to a survey done by Statista, 89 percent of employees stated that they would probably be more productive and get better results if their work were more game-like.

Reason 4:

It creates opportunities to acknowledge high producers. As we know, workplace recognition can be used to motivate, provide a feeling of achievement, and can help employees feel valued for their work contribution. Recognition has been known to improve individual employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty to the company.

Reason 5:

It can increase CRM adoption, which is one of the more expensive problems for sales organizations to have. We Outfield, we have observed user adoption upwards of 120% when gamification was tied to CRM utilization.

To learn more about our findings, download our 50 page white paper: The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying Your Sales Team.

Outfield is a performance based CRM company that specializes in leveraging game theory and behavioral psychology to drive CRM adoption, motivation, and overall productivity among sales organizations. With customers in over 50 countries, Outfield’s gaming CRM helps teams work simpler, smarter, and more effectively. Becoming the world’s most highly adopted CRM is their mission, and their vision is to accomplish this by creating a platform that is aligned with the values of the up and coming generation of sales people.

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