The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying Your Sales Team in 2021

Kris Evans

Jun 16, 2021

The CRM industry is expected to grow from $40 billion in revenue to a whopping $80 billion industry by 2025. This fact alone should tell you that CRM tools are essential to businesses. Some would even argue that it is the lifeline of their success. But the hard truth is that most organizations lack a true ROI because their teams aren’t properly using the CRM.

On average, companies properly utilizing CRMs have seen the following results:

Proper utilization stems from CRM user adoption, one of the biggest challenges facing sales organizations. Getting your team to adopt this new tool should be at the forefront of your sales strategy. Yes, I know with your already busy schedule, the concept seems too far-fetched. But do you really want your team relying on inaccurate data, performing below industry standards, and missing out on attainable goals?

You are still reading so I am convinced the answer is no, and you are interested in knowing the best solution. Well, so was Outfield. After five years in the industry, we discovered the root of the problem—behavior psychology. Sales reps are at best indifferent toward their CRM and thus adoption and usage often take a major hit. There are various methods that managers have tried to solve these issues. Our research showed the majority of teams are more likely to be motivated by a game or contest.

As a result, we partnered with Closer’s Coffee and integrated their sales gamification tool, League Play™, into our CRM. We opened the platform up to conduct a study on 100 seasoned sales professionals from various industries. 90% of the sales managers were able to get a positive impact not only on their sales team but on revenue.

Sales gamification isn’t a new approach but when it is made a priority to drive performance the results are astonishing. Check out our findings in our free ebook and learn how to create a sales gamification strategy to enhance your team’s performance. 


The guide covers:

          • A breakdown of Sales Gamification
          • The steps to creating a gamified strategy
          • Key factors to ensuring user adoption
          • How to monitor and manage the impact of ROI

“The Ultimate Guide to Gamifying Your Sales Team” is for sales leaders with teams of any industry and size looking to optimize their sales strategy and drive performance. It’s best for competitive teams with millennials as their average team age. 

Download the guide today to ensure that you have proper CRM utilization at the center of your sales strategy.

League Play™, the latest CRM tool, takes sales competition to a whole new level. Allowing outside sales organizations to compete internally through a gamified system and take advantage of a naturally competitive profession. At Outfield, we believe when you compete win together!


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