Route Planner, Product Imports, & More - Sep 25 Feature Update

Adam Steele

Sep 25, 2021

Over the last month or so, we have launched a number of quality of life enhancements while we continue to make progress building the first set of larger features toward our transition to a performance-based CRM. More run-on sentences on that topic in future posts. For now, here are the highlights of what went live recently:

  • The Outfield iOS and Android apps now both support showing custom fields when viewing products as well as multiple product images with full screen + zooming functionality. Additionally, one-off line items from orders will be aggregated and included in the products view of a deal stage.
  • The performance of the account and routing maps has been improved when you have a very large number of accounts on the Outfield Android app. We also fixed an issue when adding new stops to a route so they are always in the correct order afterward.
  • Admins can now edit the assigned team member for tasks on the Outfield web app.
  • We laid the groundwork for guided tours during onboarding and help sessions. The first spot these were applied is after adding sample data for the first time to show you around.
  • Data imports have been improved behind the scenes and a number of edge case bugs have been resolved. We have also simplified product imports so they can be completed in one go rather than first importing products and then importing their variations, e.g. for sizes, colors, etc. 
  • We added downloadable CSV templates for each import type to complement the existing template popups.
  • Image upload performance has been improved on the Outfield web app with auto image optimization for faster load times afterward. This functionality on the mobile apps has been live for some time.

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