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New Feature Updates:

Dear Outfield User:
Ahem!! We’ve been working hard for you and excited to inform you guys about some new capabilities that will help you be more effective in the field:


Route Planning and Optimization For Android

Don’t waste money & valuable time due to inefficient travel logistics. Instead, save on driving time by letting Outfield map your accounts and help you schedule your routes accordingly. Outfield predicts your commute based on a combination of historical data & real time events, allowing for better field execution. With Outfield it’s easy to efficiently arrange your daily route planning.

Route Planning and Optimization


Pipeline Management

Let’s face it, revenue is the most important metric for sales managers. So why struggle with managing your customers throughout the sales process. Instead structure your process visually and watch your sales team go to work. With Outfield’s Pipeline Management System, you can track your rep’s sales opportunities, up coach, and easily systemize your revenue objectives.

Outside Sales Pipeline


Live Traffic Conditions

No need to travel blindly when you can get live traffic conditions. With Outfield mobile mapping you have the ability to visualize traffic conditions within your territory allowing you to make split decisions during your commute. Reach your destination as quickly as possible by avoiding slowdowns and traffic jams.

Live Traffic Conditions


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