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Kris Evans

Sep 22, 2021

The Playbook by Outfield is the best place to check out the latest stories, updates, and tips on managing sales and marketing teams. The purpose of this blog is to provide a community for professionals to grow their businesses quickly. Hence why, we publish insight on the latest strategies to enhance sales, motivate teams, and get the best ROI from CRM software.

Got any advice, thoughts on the latest trends, or a bomb idea you want to share? We are looking for authors that will bring our readers a fresh perspective on topics that will move their industry forward.

Our blog might not bring you instant stardom or lead to automatic success, but if you are interested in exploring guest blogging, review this entire page for details, including why you should be guest blogging. We will walk you through the process to better understand what content we are interested in and how to submit it.

Why should I blog for Outfield?

The lingering question...“why should I blog for Outfield?”. There could be many reasons you would want to, but let us assume you just want to know the most important ones. 

As a digital marketer, I can tell you it is a valuable tool for your brand and company to enhance SEO juice. Writing for third-party sites allows you to create backlinks to your site. Building up backlinks tells Google you have the digital nod of approval to be worthy of ranking well on the SERPs. 

Okay, so the less nerdy reasons:

  • Did someone say, thought leader? - If you are looking to increase your personal brand visibility or expand your network, this is a chance to connect with other professionals in your field and be seen as a thought leader
  • Expand your outreach – Time for expansion? Consider this an opportunity for your company to reach into markets that previously seemed impossible to tap into.
  • More and more traffic - Well, who doesn’t like leads. Your post could easily be a lead magnet. You provide us with quality content, and in return, our readers could become your website visitors.

Type of guest posts are we publishing:

We are looking to publish content that relates to aspiring startups, entrepreneurs, and growing businesses alike. The posts should cover strategies for growing your business or career and be thought-provoking, comprehensive, and data-driven. These topics could include hiring, team development, job hunting, revenue generation, digital trends, and so much more. 

You can also check out Blogging Wizard for content ideas. 

What will we not accept:

Well, yes, you cannot just come here to post whatever you want. Outfield’s marketing team is pretty particular about their...our brand. All content must meet quality standards to be published. 

Here are a few items that we absolutely will not accept: 

  • Copy-paste...come on, Bro, Google hates it, and we are not getting in trouble for you.
  • Nothing that is too promotional or seems like a link-building scheme.
  • No smack talk–let us keep everything friendly and accurate.

And this is a list of things we look for in everything we publish:

  • The content must have an original, compelling argument.
  • We aim to be fun, casual, resourceful, and relatable. Your writing style should be a reflection of this.
  • The post cannot have more than two links to your company's website.
  • The body must have at least 1000 words broken into digestible paragraphs.
  • A bio/byline to explain your expertise in the subject matter

How to submit a pitch:

Now you have all the knowledge you need and are excited to write a guest post for The Playbook

At this time, all submissions must be sent via email marketing [@] outfieldapp [dot] com with the following:

  • Formatted subject line: "Guest Post: [Title of Post] - YOUR FULL NAME"
  • Google Docs link to your completed post or pitch. Be sure to change the editing permissions to anyone with the link.
  • If you want to include images, compress them using and add the attribution below each (e.g., Image source).
  • A short bio, headshot, and a link to your LinkedIn account.

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will respond to confirm when the blog will be published. This process may take more than two weeks, and the publish date fluctuates based on our editorial calendar.

Thanks in advance for entrusting us with your content. We appreciate it!

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