Everything You Need To Know About CRM Integration

Kelton Lucker

Jul 23, 2021

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software growth has been constantly increasing in recent years. 2020 alone saw an 18% increase in CRM usage across various industries. (STELLAXIUS). With this continued growth, it is likely you are thinking about adding a CRM tool to your business. You're probably already aware of what a good CRM can do, but do you know how to get the most out of your CRM? Let's talk about integrations, CRMs' best companions.

So, what is CRM Integration?**

CRM Integrations are automated actions that expand the functionality of your software, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between systems. As defined by HubSpot, it is the seamless connectivity between your customer relationship management software and third-party applications. Simply meaning that you can combine your CRM with other essential tools you use daily such as email, calendar, social media, etc. Depending on which CRM software you’re using, the integrations can be endless.


Why is CRM Integration important?

It allows you to access all of your workplace tools in one area. You'll be amazed to see how your workflow productivity and efficiency will increase. For example, integrations between multiple applications can help you save hours of time with standard tasks such as data entry. In addition to these benefits, integrations help data flow easily between departments, helping to keep people outside your department in the loop. All in all, integrating your CRM allows for a smoother and more enhanced way of working. 

Examples of Key Integrations 

Here are five examples of key integrations vital to any CRM:

**Email Integrations
**As a salesperson, you probably rely on your email as your primary communication method. With CRM integration, you can seamlessly send tailored emails that are triggered by your workflow activities.

Calendar Integrations Stay in the know of all your meetings and calls with calendar integrations. Sync your personal and business calendars into one, as well as view your co-worker's calendars.

Team Communication Integrations Increase communication amongst your team by integrating instant chat software to ensure clear and effective communication between team members without ever having to leave your CRM.

Accounting Integrations Financial accounting integrations help you make more confident decisions by tracking ROI to your investments.

**Productivity Integrations
**Increased productivity translates to higher profits. Syncing all of your company data and activities to your CRM  helps to manage one single workflow.

When choosing a CRM, integrations should be a priority to make your workflow simple. CRM integrations are designed to increase efficiency. So you can spend less time managing software and more time growing your business.

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