Call, Text, & Email Tracking - Jun 3 Feature Update

Summer's here! Well not technically, but it always feels like it once we hit June. To celebrate (with what is definitely not just a coincidence) we launched call, text, and email tracking to Outfield this week. As you may already know, Outfield was originally designed to help field teams and as a result we focused mainly on field touchpoints such as check-ins and meetings. Now that we have expanded to a performance-based CRM, it was time to expand the types of touchpoints you can track to include phone calls, text messages, and emails.

Phone Calls

Similar to check-ins, you can now log phone calls using either the web or mobile Outfield apps. You can also attach images, record duration, and complete forms to gather any custom data you would like to track & analyze. Unlike check-ins, phone calls have a field for the call result which can be one of the following values: answered, did not answer, left a voicemail, left a message with someone else, or invalid phone number.


You can then analyze call results over time in your productivity analytics charts and gain insight into the effectiveness of your program.  

Text Messages

Texts are also now trackable within Outfield. However, that's only one side of the coin. The other side is what you do with that data. As you'll see later in this post when automations are discussed, you can easily trigger custom actions based on sent or received texts (or any other type of activity). For example, when you receive a text from a customer that contains a certain keyword, you can configure the system to automatically send a text or email response based on that keyword, or trigger a task for the relevant rep to follow up.



The final new activity type that we have launched is emails. Like other touchpoints, these can be created manually during or after they happen, or they can be created automatically. 


With the addition of phone calls, text messages, and email activity to Outfield, you can now capture the complete picture of your touchpoint activity as you manage your accounts and leads. These new activity types not only apply to your accounts, but also to your team performance. We have incorporated each of these into your customizable performance system so you can weight the value of a phone call, text, email, call duration, and more. You can also set corresponding goals and build these into custom competitions for your team to boost results within an environment of friendly competition. However, more activity types does not mean more time spent logging data. Read on to see how to automate activity tracking and use that data to trigger important business functions.


Instead of manually logging all your calls, texts, and emails, it's easy to integrate Outfield out of the box with your call and email platforms as well as 4000+ other business apps. For example, you can automatically log calls made via Zoom or RingCentral to the corresponding account in Outfield and include a link to the recording of the call. Similarly, you can automatically log sent and received emails occurring in Gmail or Outlook to the corresponding account in Outfield.

Automated logging is just the kickoff. The real excitement starts when you start using this data to automatically trigger other actions that are useful for your business. Here are just a few ideas focused on calls and emails to help spark your imagination and extrapolate to check-ins, tasks, deals, and other Outfield CRM functions.  

  • Automatically send auto-responder messages to prospects and customers who display specified behaviors. For example, send a promotional offer to any account that stagnates in your deal pipeline or any contact that visits your pricing page.
  • Notify management when discovery calls are too short or too long so you can ensure your team is hitting that sweet spot every time.
  • Automatically send a followup email when a custom form field is answered a certain way by one of your reps. For example, if they visited a prospect and reported that they left a product sample, auto send a followup email with additional product info or other details to progress the lead.
  • If one of your reps hits their touchpoint goal, sales quota, or even breaks a team record, then automatically send them their reward and custom congrats.

To learn more, check out our integrations page and our Zapier page

Other Notable Highlights

  • The activity filter on account pages and team member pages has been upgraded on the Outfield web app to include all the relevant options found elsewhere in the app, such as by form, activity type, date range, etc.
  • "Deal created" has been added to the customizable performance system and is now independent of "Deal progressed stage"
  • You can now set actions in the performance system to zero points as opposed to the previous 0.1 minimum. 
  • The team member filter in analytics on the Outfield web app has been improved to support filtering by multiple team members at once.

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