Calendar Planning Improvements - Jan 11 Feature Updates

We have launched a couple of improvements to the Outfield Calendar to help you save time when planning your week or when planning on behalf of your field reps. First, we added calendar event importing via spreadsheet to the Import/Export section of the main side nav panel. This works very similarly to importing accounts or deals for example, and a template is available on the first page of the import process to help you get started.

calendar import template

You can also now update your calendar events in bulk with an import. Speaking of bulk, the second calendar update is a new page to add multiple calendar events in one go right from the Outfield web app. Simply select the + Add More Events link at the bottom of the popup to create a new calendar event, and anything already completed will carry over so you don't have to re-enter these fields each time.

Other notable fixes & improvements:

  • We now show the form titles of any completed forms for activity right in the activity feed items for quicker reference.
  • We added a new 7 Day Breakdown table to the weekly activity pdf reports so you can easily see when you're reps are starting and ending their workdays and how many check-ins they are completing each day.
  • We now allow for creating deals with no name or amount, and instead of throwing an error it will automatically name the deal based on the account name or user name and default the amount to zero.

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