Breakdown Revenue By Product - Aug 2 Feature Update

Adam Steele

Aug 3, 2021

Ever since we launched our order and inventory management suite, we have been periodically improving and expanding it as we do for all our features. The latest update on this front is that you can now breakdown revenue by product in the Analytics section of the Outfield web app. As shown in the screenshot above, simply navigate to the Analytics section in the Performance dropdown and click the By Product Variation pill on the top of the chart in the Revenue tab. 

Here are some highlights from other recent enhancements & fixes:

  • We added a new scene to manage unsynced activity when the unsynced items bar is tapped on the Outfield iOS app
  • Search speed on the Outfield web app has been increased, especially when searching through very large data sets. This applies to searching activity, accounts, deals, calendar, and anywhere else there is a search field
  • The Outfield Zapier app for integrations has a new trigger called New Or Updated Activity

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