Big Add-On In The Works - Mar 8 Feature Updates

As we approach launching a large add-on we have been working on behind the scenes for a number of months now, we have still been releasing various smaller fixes and improvements. Here's a few recent ones:

  • We fixed an issue on some newer Android devices where navigating to an account from the route scene was not working properly
  • We fixed an edge case on iOS where the account zip code could end up being saved in the region field
  • On the web app, we fixed a caching issue on the activity map where all the map pins would not show in a certain case
  • Although the phone number field country code helper on accounts in the web app was helpful in many cases, it turns out there were too many edge cases to account for. Thus we have reverted that field to a conventional text field so you can use whatever format you'd like.

Stay tuned for the next launch announcement...

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