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What is CRM Gamification?

CRM gamification is the application of gaming mechanics, elements, and designs to CRM systems. Among other uses, it is a process that leverages game...


What Is A Gaming CRM?

A Gaming CRM is a type of sales enablement platform that leverages game theory and behavioral psychology to improve a user’s experience with...

Investor Relations

Letter To Shareholder’s Update #1

Letter To Shareholder’s Update #1

May 22, 2022

Hello there Outfield investors and prospective investors. This is the first of many reports you’ll...


Cybersecurity Best Practices For CRM

The glory days of thinking up a simple password like BusyBee3 and using it for all your services are sadly over. These days that 8 character password...

Performance Based

CEO Announces Rebrand

Outfield…, a performance-based CRM? Like the rest of our audience, you may be wondering what that means or even why the switch.  

Well, the change-up...

CRM Solutions

7 Reasons You Don’t Really Need A CRM

CRM seems like the new buzzword for small and large companies. They advocate that it helps them capitalize on their most valuable assets, customer,...

Guest Blogs

Guest Blogging Guidelines

The Playbook by Outfield is the best place to check out the latest stories, updates, and tips on managing sales and marketing teams. The purpose of...

Press Release


Hope all is well with you!

It has possibly been a long time since you have heard from me or, perhaps, this is the first time... To say the least, I...


View Product Scene - Jul 5 Feature Update

We launched a new view product scene on the mobile apps so you can see all product details at a glance. 

Also last month's improvements to the...


Big Add-On In The Works - Mar 8 Feature Updates

As we approach launching a large add-on we have been working on behind the scenes for a number of months now, we have still been releasing various...

Job Opportunities

Account Executive

Outfield specializes in data driven revenue and efficiency solutions specifically for organizations with an outside sales force. We are looking for...


Outfield & EU Data Protection (GDPR)

You have likely been hearing about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently and we know you probably have a few questions. Here are...

sales careers

Sales Development Rep

Location: Houston, TX

Outfield is a startup that develops data driven revenue and efficiency solutions for organizations with an outside sales force....


July's Feature Lineup

We have been hard at work to provide features designed to make you more effective in the field. Every addition we make has our users top of mind to...


Holiday Season Feature Updates!

Thank You Santa! Here are the Latest Features From Outfield...

Posting to Facebook: Instantly post your updates to Facebook! Keep your team motivated...


Improve Strategically by Knowing Your Market

We’re excited to inform you about some awesome new updates on Outfield that you can add to your arsenal to increase market share and customer mind...


Outfield for Android has been Launched

Outfield is now out on Android platforms! All of the great Outfield features, including the intuitive reporting functions and account management...


iOS Update - New Features for Greater Insight

We're excited to announce we just released the latest and biggest update of Outfield for iPhones. Update your phone to get all of this new app...


Outfield is Coming to Android

We're excited to announce that Android support is right around the corner. Many of you have told us how you’ve been waiting for this release. If...

Press Release

Outfield App Trending in Mobile CRM


Poised to be one of the next big players in mobile CRM, Outfield is gaining significant traction in the SaaS...


More Data, More Sales

What's the point of an app if you can't determine its influence on your bottom line? If you can't see the impact that a piece of software makes, then...


Fitting to Your Company's Needs

Prior to creating the initial beta versions of our app, most everyone here at Outfield had either used or tried a variety of CRMs in our previous...


Get Reps to "Like" CRM

A love/hate relationship is one of the many features you will get when implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool). It seems that...

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